Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 wish list~

Here is my wish list for 2010...hope I'll able to get all of them as soon as possible~

1) Hyundai i10

2) new wristwatch (probably Tag Heuer)

3) Xperia or IPhone

4) Designer bag

5) Designer Shoes

6) Holidays in Europe! (hopefully after graduation)

Goodbye 2009~

Well, the end of 2009 is finally here...I was really glad that it finally end coz it is the year to forget for me...Overall it has been the worst year in my life..let me sum it up for u:
- 2009 has seen my 1st relationship ended. Its devastated because we have been in relationship for almost 3 years and it ended with lies and hatred...yea, she left me for another guy...but I still hope for the best for her...thanx for everything, the most wonderful 2 years of my life~
- I also had an motorcycle accident that nearly took my happen couple of months after the break up...luckily I survived... Alhamdulillah~
- I also always fighting with one of my best friend throughout 2009. But now she already has a boyfriend and we are not close anymore... so...all d best dear~
- My studies also suffer... I nearly failed my design subject (if failed I have to extend my study for another year)...

Even though 2009 has seen my lowest low, but I also managed to make new friends, see the world in new perspective, know what it feel to have your heartbroken so I would not break others' heart and do crazy thing like went to Genting Highland a day before my thesis presentation (it worked, I get A! haha)..

I would like to take this opportunity to thanx everyone who has been so nice to me and help me got through the darkest moment in my life...I love u all!

So, goodbye 2009...a year that was...


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