Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sol's Prediction: Brazil 6:0 North Korea

This might be the most one sided match in the tournament. The mighty Brazil against the minnows North Korea. No offense to North Korea but I just cant seem how they gonna stop Brazil or atleast got a draw out of it. There are not any known player in the North Korean side while there is just not a single unfamiliar name in Brazil's.
Imagine it: having arguably 2 of the best right back in the World where Daniel Alves has to sit on bench. Thats just show the strengh of the South America's team.
Players to watch: Kaka and Robinho
ps:its only my humble opinion d;-b

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sol's Prediction: Ivory Coast 1:1 Portugal

This is one of the awaited match in group stage. The group of death. This one is really hard to predict what will be the outcome as both side are equally good.
Ivory Coast is arguably the best team in Africa and have a lot of match winner player in Drogba, Kalou and Eboue. Portugal have the 2nd best player in the world that is Cristiano Ronaldo who can single handedly win macthes for his country. He will be supported by Raul Meireles, Deco and Simao. Its all up to Ronaldo. If he play at his best, then Portugal will win it. But that is kinda unlikely~
Players to watch: Eboue and Ronaldo

key battle: Yaya Toure VS Raul Meireles
ps: its only my humble opinion d;-b

Sol's Prediction: New Zealand 0:3 Slovakia

This match is another match that the neutral fans wont mind missed. New Zealand is definitely among the weakest team in the tournament if not the weakest. With only Ryan Nelson the only known player, it is a question of how many goals will they concede in the tournament. Unless, there are a rising star in the squad, that is the most likely thing will happen.
Slovakia is a decent team with some very talented young players in the likes of Marek Hamsik, Vladimir Weiss and Martin Skrtel. Marek Hamsik is the squad captain and will surely make a big impact in this tournament. Remember the name, Hamsik.
Player to watch: Marek Hamsik
ps: its only my humble opinion d;-b

Sol's Prediction: Italy 1:2 Paraguay

On paper this is a match that Italy will win. They are the reigning champion and Paraguay is not a powerhouse of football...but that is all in the past. Paraguay have proved to be a squad capable to beat strong team like Brazil and Argentina while Italy, is capable to be beaten by the likes of Mexico.
Italy is too relying on old dogs and cant seem to be able to defend their title. Their forms are just awful lately. Paraguay is a squad that able to score goals and goals. They have a decent goalscorers in Barrios and Santa Cruz.
Even though many will predict Italy will win this but I say it will be the South American that will come out on top~
Players to watch: Daniele De Rossi and Lucas Barrios
Key Battle: Cannavaro VS Barrios
ps: its only my humble opinion d;-b

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sol's Prediction: Germany 3:0 Australia

This is a match that the Germans should win, but Australia cant be underestimate with experienced players all over the pitch while the Germans are relying on young guns.
Without the injured captain, Ballack, the playmaker role will have to be played by Mesut Ozil who is not lack of quality compared to the injured star. He will be supported by the strikers that shined in the previous World Cup in Podolski and Klose. Germany week link may be on their inexperience players like at the left back position (Badstubber or Boateng) and the defensive midfield position (Khedira) and also the attacking midfield position (Trochowski or Muller)
Australia is keeping the squad that have played together in the previous tournament. Their danger man surely is Tim Cahill but he alone cant break the German's wall.
Players to watch: Ozil and Cahill
Key battle: Schwarzer VS the Germans attacker
ps:its only my humble opinion d;-b

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sol's Prediction: Serbia 0:1 Ghana

This match between Serbia and Ghana is an open match where both team is seem like equal on papers. But playing in Africa land might give Ghana an advantage. They surely will get the backing of the African supporters.
Serbia is an organized team but lack the cutting edge and will have to hope that Nicola Zigic can be at his best if they are to have a chance to advance with Germany in the following round.
But still I fancy Ghana to wedge this want. They were handed with a tough blow with losing their only World Class player in Essien but they probably already get use with life without their star man. Its time for Kevin Prince Boateng and Asamoah to shine and carry their team through.
Players to watch: Dejan Stankovic and Kwadwo Asamoah

Key battle: midfield battle
ps: its only my humble opinion

Sol's Prediction Algeria 2:1 Slovenia

This match between Algeria and Slovenia might be a match that neutral fans wont mind missed. With no stars player for both team, it is believed that both team will be the whipping boys in the group C. I think the lesser weak team will win this match and that is Algeria because they have more players known in European leagues.
known players: Hasan Yebda and Robert Koren
ps:its only my humble opinion d;-b

Sol's Prediction: England 3:0 USA

The match between England and USA is thought to be a match between two evenly balance team but to me it is clearly a one sided match. England usually cant perform well in big tournament but I believe they can be favorite for this tournament. The likes of Rooney, Gerard, Lampard, and the two Coles can definitely beat most of the team if not all.
With USA will rely once again in their favorite star London Donovan, but surely it is just too much to handle even though he has a good partner in Jozy Altidore. All they can do is try to disturb Rooney and make him receive his marching order
Players to Watch: Ashley Cole and Altidore

Key Battle: Emile Heskey/Crouch VS the USA's Defense
ps:its only my humble opinion d;-b

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sol's Prediction: Argentina 3:0 Nigeria

The match between Argentina and Nigeria is surely a one sided match. I cant imagine that Nigeria can get away with anything from this match. It doesnt matter who partner Messi upfront, Argentina just got the best attackers in their squad.
The Argentina squad seem perfectly balanced and can go all the way to the final, but the only thing that can stop them is their own Maradona. But still, on pitch, their are some weakest link. The ability of their defense to breakdown can seem to be a big problem and also they keeper is not the best safe hands. Even Nigeria's keeper, Enyeama seem a better keeper between the two. But still they have the best player in the World in Lionel Messi. The combination of Messi-Tevez-Higuain or Milito can strike fear in any defense in the World.
Nigeria is not a convincing team with Yakubu and Yobo their only stars player. All they can hope is to limit the damage that will be inflicted on them by Messi and co.
Players to watch: Messi, Messi and Messi...and Di Maria
Key battle: Enyeama against Argentine's attackers
ps: its only my humble opinion d;-b

Sol's Prediction: South Korea 3:1 Greece

Thee third match of the tournament is between two underdogs of the tournament where both have prove that they able to perform well in big tournament in the past. With not many stars, both team will rely on their star player in Park Ji Sung and Gergios Samaras. I believe that South Korea will edge Greece as they have a better defence and have a safe hands of Sung Ryong Jung.
Players to watch: Park Ji Sung and Samaras
Key Battle: Charisteas and Samaras VS Korean's defence
ps:its only my humble opinion d;-b