Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sol's Prediction: Argentina 3:0 Nigeria

The match between Argentina and Nigeria is surely a one sided match. I cant imagine that Nigeria can get away with anything from this match. It doesnt matter who partner Messi upfront, Argentina just got the best attackers in their squad.
The Argentina squad seem perfectly balanced and can go all the way to the final, but the only thing that can stop them is their own Maradona. But still, on pitch, their are some weakest link. The ability of their defense to breakdown can seem to be a big problem and also they keeper is not the best safe hands. Even Nigeria's keeper, Enyeama seem a better keeper between the two. But still they have the best player in the World in Lionel Messi. The combination of Messi-Tevez-Higuain or Milito can strike fear in any defense in the World.
Nigeria is not a convincing team with Yakubu and Yobo their only stars player. All they can hope is to limit the damage that will be inflicted on them by Messi and co.
Players to watch: Messi, Messi and Messi...and Di Maria
Key battle: Enyeama against Argentine's attackers
ps: its only my humble opinion d;-b

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