Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sol's Prediction: England 3:0 USA

The match between England and USA is thought to be a match between two evenly balance team but to me it is clearly a one sided match. England usually cant perform well in big tournament but I believe they can be favorite for this tournament. The likes of Rooney, Gerard, Lampard, and the two Coles can definitely beat most of the team if not all.
With USA will rely once again in their favorite star London Donovan, but surely it is just too much to handle even though he has a good partner in Jozy Altidore. All they can do is try to disturb Rooney and make him receive his marching order
Players to Watch: Ashley Cole and Altidore

Key Battle: Emile Heskey/Crouch VS the USA's Defense
ps:its only my humble opinion d;-b

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