Friday, June 11, 2010

My View on WORLD CUP~

Salam and hello everyone...World Cup is coming!!!! the biggest event of the year is about to kick off!
Well, with many favor the likes of Spain, Brazil, England and Argentina (using my head), my heart still say otherwise. It says that it will be France, Germany or Netherlands...
With lately, France is so unconvincing, this is due to unrest in their camp with the manager, Raymond Domenech's decision. Imagine the great Thierry Henry will start on the bench and there are no Benzema and Nasri on board. But still I got a feeling that this 'unconvincing' team will get it right once the tournament start. It will be up to Yoann Gourcuff to share the heavy burden on Ribery's shoulder and take the team to glory.
Germany is one team that is not a stranger to the World Cup success. They usually overperformed even though with lack of stars in the team. With the injury to their captain marvel, Ballack, the untest character like Khedira will have to step up. But still I believe it will be Mesut Ozil who will be the key to the German's triumph.
Netherlands is one of the powerhouse in the World Cup but usually fail to meet the expectation. But this time I believe they can turn thing around. They have the best quartet of attackers in the Tournament in Robben-Van Persie-Van Der Vart-Shneider. If Robben can get back from injury in time then the Oranje can have a big shout in this competition. But I think the key is on Van Persie as he is fresh and on top form.
Players expected to be a hit: Mesut Ozil(Germany), Gourcuff(France), Van Persie(Netherlands), Fabregas and Villa(Spain), Messi and De Maria(Argentina)
Players expected to be a miss: Ronaldo(Portugal), Rooney(England), Ribery(France) and the whole squad of the reigning champion, Italy

ps: this is only my humble opinion~
sol out~ d;-b

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