Monday, January 18, 2010

Sketch Up Course 16-17 Jan~

Hello all~ last weekend on 16th & 17th January, I attended a short course of sketch up...It is part of the degree++ program that must be taken in order for me to graduate.
Sketch Up is a 3D software by google for simple modeling and animation..Its really simple even friends with no 3D background can understand it in 2 days. The lecturer, Mr Khairudin is super cool~ I met new friends and had lots of fun there. We then create 3D models of house, television, boat and washing machine. Then we were divided into groups consists of 5 to create a semi futuristic building that have 4 rooms and then animate it. Even my group's computers shut down 3 times, but we still managed to come out with satisfactory design.
Overall, it was really enjoying and I highly recommend it for my UTM's friends~ next course: How to get yourself employed on 30th January!
Sol out~ d;-b

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1 Malaysia Race 2010~

Earlier of the day, I joined 1 Malaysia Race organized by college 9. It was kinda like explorace...I joined with my roomate, Izaq and his friend, Fun (yea, he ask to call him Fun) haha... Its kinda cool...we have to do pom-pom chears, do kite, roti canai, ketupat, wear inai, wear sari and lots more...damn fun! and of coz super tiring~ well, in the end we didnt win, because technically we were disqualified(dont ask why) hahaha so...overall..superb~ keep my mind off all the problems for a while... 1 Malaysia!
pssttt: either we white, brown, black, yellow, green, pink, gold or orange, we are all the same~ peace~
sol out~ d;-b

IDC AGM 2010

Well, yesterday(8/1) was the annual general meeting for Industrial Designer Club...It was to choose the new leadership for the club...Unsurprisingly I was the meeting chairman for this event...It went smoothly and Syukri was choosen as the new President...Congratz to those choosen and hope IDC can move forward with them at the helm...anything u guys can always refer to me (senior paling best!) hahahaha

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010~

Salam and good day to all~ It has been few days since the new was 2010 so far??? mine is quiet ok... Well, on the 1st Jan I did nothing much..just doing my project... My design lecturer also told us about possible project for minor project this sem that is condiment set or domestic trash can...but it still not confirmed yet...

Condiment Set
Domestic Trash Can

On 2nd Jan I went back was almost 5 hours bus journey..I stop at KL and went shopping at Times Square for a while coz its already 5 pm when I arrived...I only managed to buy 2 shirts...haha
On the 3rd, it was my cousin, Nuar's wedding. It went smoothly at Rajang... I was incharged of collecting presents from the guests. It was so happening coz all family gather there and work together to make it happen... I really loves wedding! haha
So, 2010 has started brightly for me..hope it will continue...cant wait for the rest of 2010!
Sol out~ d;-b